In today’s mobile news roundup: Microsoft in on the smartwatch game; Apple duped by scammers; Foxconn resumes hiring for next iPhone; and Dish to block Softbank’s Sprint acquisition.

Microsoft in on the smartwatch game

The software giant is said to be working on a “touch-enabled” watch device that could potentially go head-to-head with Apple’s iWatch, Samsung’s Galaxy Altius, and Google’s Android smartwatch.

Microsoft executives stated that the company asked Asian suppliers to “ship components for a potential watch-style device,” but it is still not sure if the plan would come to fruition though there is huge interest in a wearable smart device.

“We see growing demand for wearable gadgets as the size of the smartphone has become too big to carry around,” said RBS analyst Wanli Wang. “A smart watch that is compatible with a smartphone and other electronics devices would be attractive to consumers.”

If Microsoft perfects this wearable device and releases it ahead of competition, it could make up for the loss brought about by low sales of the Windows 8 platform and its Surface tablets.  Microsoft has declined to comment.

Speaking of the iWatch, Intuit chairman and Apple board member William V. (Bill) Campbell stated that wearable intimate devices could be a big hit, much like our growing dependence on smartphones and tablets, hinting that the iWatch is in the product pipeline of the Cupertino company.  Campbell stated that other companies would soon follow if they see its success.

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