Thanks to the retirement of Microsoft Points in favour of local currency, the company has revamped andrelaunched its rewards system, now allowing players to convert their earnings into cash.

The Xbox Live Rewards loyalty scheme aims to reward players with credits for actions like renewing their Xbox Live Gold membership, playing games, buying content from the store, earning achievements and generally being engaged members of the community.

As per the official site, with the change from MS Points to local currency “it became necessary for us to evolve the way we reward you. Instead of Microsoft Points, Xbox Live Rewards members can now earn Rewards Credits, which are converted into your local currency and deposited as cash directly into your Microsoft account.”

Eligibility for some rewards, particularly the VIP Rewards, will be assessed at the beginning of each month and hinges on you having an active Gold membership. Others involve tasks like completing particular activity targets as designated by Punchcards or providing data by filling out user surveys. Those with a high Gamerscore should also be able to earn a rebate on purchases from the Xbox Store.

“Once you rack up 5,000 credits or more, they’ll be converted into your local currency and deposited right into your Microsoft account. Then it’s off to the Xbox Stores, where you can spend your money however you’d like!”So you won’t be able to take the money out of your Microsoft wallet but if you’re spending a fair amount of time (and cash) on Xbox games or services chances are the credits will come in handy.

Microsoft revamps, relaunches Xbox Live Rewards with cash in mind

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