Cloud applications from Tech Data have been strengthened as the company has teamed up with MessageOps; this means that 365 Command, a cloud-hosted enablement tool for Office 365, can be distributed.

365 Command is provided by Tech Data through its TDCloud business unit to VAR customers. MessageOps was acquired by Champion Solutions last November; the latter broadened the reach of its 365 Command to other VARs earlier in the year.

A Web-based portal is utilized by the management tool, and this allows VARs access to extra reporting, monitoring and administrative control for Office 365 accounts. The director of Tech Data’s TDCloud and software services, Bharath Natarajan, noted that 365 Command will be able to assist solution providers with clients that make use of Microsoft Office 365 and move from an on-premise Exchange server to a hosted Exchange server.

Natarajan said: “The biggest thing is where the industry is going right now, almost everybody is changing from an on premise [email] to Office 365. This product changes the dynamic in which you need to manage those accounts and allows email systems to move to the cloud in a scalable way.”

365 Command is, at present, managing over 850,000 mailboxes from around 2,000 clients around the globe. MessageOps says that it has over 100 resellers who provide 365 Command as well.

Migrating to the cloud is also advantageous in terms of cost and available space.

Natarajan stated: “Email has become far more pervasive historically. With the data being transferred just in our conversations, we have so many threads of emails. Combining that with compliance requirements to archive for several years means email is getting expensive to do locally because you need to buy new disc space every year.”

This platform is basically a single portal which allows users to gain access to a number of email administrative and user accounts, simultaneously.

Natarajan added: “What happens is that a user manages email accounts from a central place rather than having to go through an exchange service individually. Say somebody has left on maternity leave or left the company, 365 Command reallocates and reassigns that email address to forward that email to their boss. With a couple of mouse clicks, it’s all hosted and you can access it anywhere.”

At present, 365 Command is distributed to resellers only by Tech Data, according to Natarajan. The CEO of D.C.-based District Computers, Stephen Hall, stated that he is keen to offer 365 Command to clients.

Hall said: “If you look at the growth of Office 365 and the channel perspective, the adoption is growing immensely and 365 Command will automate a lot of tasks that allows businesses to do relatively. We get to do a lot of things faster with 365 Command; higher probability and our customers get a faster response, so you’re looking at a significant time savings and cost savings.”

As cloud email builds momentum, MSPs will be able to make the most of opportunities provided by 365 Command.

Natarajan noted: “The opportunity is vast, and to capture that with an application is the sweet spot you want to be in. If our partners lives are easier and if they are actually able to source more product, or deploy resources to getting more business, that’s great for us because they will drag that through the channel.” (CY)

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